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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015 Making different differences: representation and rights in sexuality activismLalor, Kay
4-Feb-2015 Senior Voices – working with local and academic communitiesTetley, Josie; Warren, Stephanie; Walker, Joan
4-Feb-2015 Community care and support for black and African Caribbean older peopleTetley, Josie
4-Feb-2015 The best care is like sunshine: accessing older people's experiences of living in care homes through creative writingBrown Wilson, Christine; Tetley, Josie; Healey, Joan; Wolton, River
4-Feb-2015 Using narratives to understand older people's decision-making processesTetley, Josie; Grant, Gordon; Davies, Susan
4-Feb-2015 Oral history and ageingBornat, Joanna; Tetley, Josie
4-Feb-2015 Using biographical and narrative ways of working in nursingTetley, Josie
4-Feb-2015 The best kind of care is like sunshine - accessing older people’s views through creative writingBrown-Wilson, C.; Tetley, J.; Healey, J.; Wolton, R.
3-Feb-2015 Optimizing healthy ageing in disadvantaged communities: insights into older people’s use of health and social care servicesTetley, Josephine
3-Feb-2015 Coproduction? Working with existing older people's groupsTetley, Josie; Watts, Jacqueline; Reynolds, Jill
3-Feb-2015 Involving older people’s organisations in European lifelong learning initiativesTetley, Josie; Walker, Joan; Warren, Stephanie
Feb-2015 Natational dress: functionality and morality among female swimming exhibitors in Victorian Britain.Day, Dave
23-Jan-2015 Perspectives on the future of e-books in libraries in universitiesVasileiou, M.; Rowley, J.; Hartley, R.
23-Jan-2015 Functional equivalence or behavioural matching? A critical reflection on 15 years of research using the PETTLEP model of motor imageryWakefield, Caroline; Smith, Dave; Moran, Aidan Patrick; Holmes, Paul
13-Jan-2015 How not to make (ex)terrorists: PREVENT as ideological warfareEdwards, Phil
-Tough on… what? New Labour’s war on crime statisticsEdwards, Phil
12-Jan-2015 Toponymy as commodity: exploring the economic dimensions of urban place NamesLight, Duncan; Young, Craig
12-Jan-2015 ‘Alternation? What alternation?’ The second republic and the challenge of democratic consolidationEdwards, Phil
12-Jan-2015 A Randomized controlled trial of limited range of motion lumbar extension exercise in chronic low back painSteele, James; Bruce-Low, Stewart; Smith, Dave; Jessop, David; Osborne, Neil
12-Jan-2015 A randomized trial to consider the effect of Romanian deadlift exercise on the development of lumbar extension strengthFisher, James; Bruce-Low, Stewart; Smith, Dave
Showing results 1 to 20 of 3676


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