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Title: Networked narrative environments as imaginary spaces of being
Authors: Zapp, Andrea
Citation: A. Zapp, ed. Networked narrative environments as imaginary spaces of being. Manchester: MIRIAD, 2004.
Publisher: MIRIAD
Issue Date: 2004
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Abstract: Via various forms of audio-visual communications, from chat protocols, net and software art to online theatre and immersive telepresence, artists are using a wide range of technologies to explore the digital network as a narrative space. Human presence is increasingly subject to a constant flow of online contributions, material, and data. How does this reposition our collective understanding of the physical and the virtual, the real and the imaginary? In this context the 'networked narrative environment' must be defined as an artistic modus operandi and experiment that reflects medial and social processes. The book documents exemplary and unique research positions within a developing genre. It serves as a resourceful illustration of the cultural debate on narratives, networking, and media art. Leading international artists, writers, and curators examine specific examples of public installations and dramatic spaces that are linked to the Internet with the aim to integrate the viewer into the artwork. Key artistic projects and initiatives reflect sophisticated and complex new models of audience participation, real-time experience, and production of content.
Type: Book
Language: en
ISBN: 9781900756242
Appears in Collections: Art and Media Arts Research Centre

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