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Title: Ruling class men: money, sex, power
Authors: Donaldson, Mike
Poynting, Scott
Citation: Donaldson, M. and Poynting, S. Ruling class men: money, sex, power. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2007
Publisher: Peter Lang
Issue Date: 2007
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Abstract: What is it like to be a master of the universe? The authors have researched the desires and fears of the world's most powerful men. The Murdochs, Packers, Kennedys, Agnellis and other men like them, directly determine the fates of thousands and influence the future of the world like no other people. Described as 'sacred monsters' by one of their own, they are carefully created to be what they are and to enjoy shaping the world in their own likeness. To learn about these often reclusive men, the authors extended the life-history technique to interrogate autobiographies, diaries and biographies and have created a composite picture, a collective portrait, of tycoons over three generations. The book carefully explores the childhoods, schooling, work and play, sexual activities, marriages and deaths of the wealthiest men who have ever lived. It exposes the nature of ruling-class masculinity itself.
Type: Book
Language: en
ISBN: 978-3-03911-137-4
Appears in Collections: Department of Sociology

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