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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2010 Photoinactivation of Escherichia coli on acrylic paint formulations using fluorescent lightCaballero, Lucia; Whitehead, Kathryn A.; Allen, Norman S.; Verran, Joanna
Mar-2010 The retention of bacteria on hygienic surfaces presenting scratches of microbial dimensionsVerran, Joanna; Packer, Adele; Kelly, Peter; Whitehead, Kathryn A.
Mar-2010 Aged garlic extract protects against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in rats.Alkreathy, Huda; Damanhouri, Zoheir A.; Ahmed, Nessar; Slevin, Mark; Ali, Soad S.; Osman, Abdel-Moneim M.
Mar-2010 Comparative evaluation of the efficiency of a series of commercial antioxidants studied by kinetic modeling in a liquid phase and during the melt processing of different polyethylenesAllen, Norman S.; Zeynalov, Eldar B.; Sanchez, Karmele del Teso; Edge, Michele; Kabetkina, Yutta P.; Johnson, Brian
Mar-2010 Electrochemical and physical characterisation of lead-based anodes in comparison to Ti–(70%) IrO2/(30%) Ta2O5 dimensionally stable anodes for use in copper electrowinningMsindo, Z. S.; Sibanda, V.; Potgieter, J. Herman
Mar-2010 Effect of element concentration on nickel release from dental alloys using a novel ion beam methodJones, Siân B.; Taylor, Rebecca L.; Colligon, John; Johnson, David
Jan-2010 Modified C-reactive protein is expressed by stroke neovessels and is a potent activator of angiogenesis In VitroSlevin, Mark; Matou, Sabine; Turu, Marta M.; Luque, Ana; Rovira, Norma; Badimon, Lina; Boluda, Susana; Potempa, Lawrence; Sanfeliu, Coral; de Vera, Nuria; Krupinski, Jerzy
Jan-2010 Antimicrobial surfaces: addressing the intended applicationVerran, Joanna
Jan-2010 Metallic impurity free carbon nanotube paste electrodesMerisalu, Maido; Kruusma, Jaanus; Banks, Craig E.
Jan-2010 Disposable highly ordered pyrolytic graphite-like electrodes: tailoring the electrochemical reactivity of screen printed electrodesChoudry, Nadeem A.; Kampouris, Dimitrios K.; Kadara, Rashid O.; Banks, Craig E.
Jan-2010 In vitro colonization of an experimental silicone by Candida albicansRodger, Gillian; Taylor, Rebecca L.; Pearson, Gavin J.; Verran, Joanna
Jan-2010 Gas phase extraction of iron from its oxide in a fluidized bed reactorVan Dyk, L.; Mariba, E. R. M.; Chen, Y.; Potgieter, J. Herman
2010 High throughput screening of lead utilising disposable screen printed shallow recessed microelectrode arraysHood, Sebastian J.; Kadara, Rashid O.; Kampouris, Dimitrios K.; Banks, Craig E.
2010 The Platinum Development Initiative: platinum-based alloys for high temperature and special applications: part IVPotgieter, J. Herman; Maledi, Nthabiseng B.; Sephton, Michelle; Cornish, Lesley A.
2010 Gold nanoparticle ensembles allow mechanistic insights into electrochemical processesKhairy, Mohamed; Choudry, Nadeem A.; Ouasti, Mohamed; Kampouris, Dimitrios K.; Kadara, Rashid O.; Banks, Craig E.
2010 The role of small vessel disease in development of Alzheimer's diseaseGrau-Slevin, Marta; Arboix, Adria; Gaffney, John; Slevin, Mark
2010 Encouraging creativity and employability skills in undergraduate microbiologistsVerran, Joanna
2010 Therapeutic applications of hyaluronanGaffney, John; Matou-Nasri, Sabine; Grau-Olivares, Marta; Slevin, Mark
2010 Combining nanotechnology with current biomedical knowledge for the vascular imaging and treatment of atherosclerosisSlevin, Mark; Badimon, Lina; Grau-Olivares, Marta; Ramis, M.; Sendra, J.; Morrison, M.; Krupinski, Jerzy
2010 Synthesis and complexation of heptafluoroisopropyldiphenylphosphineLewis-Alleyne, Lesley C.; Murphy-Jolly, Makeba B.; Le Goff, Xavier F.; Caffyn, Andrew J. M.
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