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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Aug-2000 Activation of MAP kinase (ERK-1/ERK-2), tyrosine kinase and VEGF in the human brain following acute ischaemic strokeSlevin, Mark; Krupinski, Jerzy; Slowik, Agnieszka; Rubio, Francisco; Szczudlik, Andrzej; Gaffney, John
Dec-2004 Antimicrobial resistance of invasive Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates in a British district general hospital: the international connectionBirtles, Andrew; Virgincar, Nilangi; Sheppard, Carmen L.; Walker, Rachel A.; Johnson, Alan P.; Warner, Marina; Edwards-Jones, Valerie
2006 Assessment of organic material and microbial components on hygienic surfacesVerran, Joanna; Airey, Paul; Whitehead, Kathryn A.
2006 Assessment of organic materials and microbial components on hygienic surfacesVerran, Joanna; Whitehead, Kathryn A.
2001 Atomic force microscopy as an in-situ technique for industryBoyd, Robert D.; Verran, Joanna
7-Jun-2002 Avidity maturation following vaccination with a meningococcal recombinant hexavalent PorA OMV vaccine in UK infantsDawson, Maureen M.; Longworth, Emma; Borrow, Ray; Goldblatt, David; Balmer, Paul; Andrews, Nick; Miller, Elizabeth; Cartwright, Keith
1996 Bacterial adhesion to inert thermoplastic surfacesVerran, Joanna; Taylor, Rebecca L.; Lees, Graham C.
2002 Biofouling in food processing: biofilm or biotransfer potential?Verran, Joanna
2008 Biomedical devices: microbiological aspectsWhitehead, Kathryn A.; Verran, Joanna
1997 The body game: developed by undergraduates for key stage 2 national curriculum science.Verran, Joanna; Brintnell, B.
1-Oct-2006 Campylobacter jejuni multilocus sequence types in humans, northwest England, 2003-2004Fox, Andrew J.; Sopwith, Will; Birtles, Andrew; Matthews, Margaret
Oct-2005 Characterization of differentiated subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue from children: the influences of TNF-alpha and IGF-IStewart, Claire E.; Grohmann, Malcolm; Sabin, Matthew A.; Holly, Jeff; Shield, Julian; Crowne, Elizabeth
Jan-2001 Cleanability of soiled stainless steel as studied by atomic force microscopy and time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry.Boyd, Robert D.; Cole, Don; Rowe, Deborah L.; Verran, Joanna; Paul, Alan J.; West, Robin
2001 The cleanability of stainless steel as determined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopyBoyd, Robert D.; Verran, Joanna; Hall, Karen; Underhill, C.; Hibbert, Steve; West, Robin
2007 A clinical study on the antimicrobial and breath-freshening effect of zinc-containing lozenge formulations.Doran, Anna L.; Greenman, John; Verran, Joanna
2007 A clinical study on the effect of the prebiotic inulin in the control of oral malodour.Doran, Anna L.; Verran, Joanna
Jun-2008 Colonization and deterioration of soft denture lining materials in vivo.Taylor, Rebecca L.; Bulad, Khaled; Verran, Joanna; McCord, J. Fraser
Feb-2004 Colonization and penetration of denture soft lining materials by Candida albicans.Bulad, Khaled; Taylor, Rebecca L.; Verran, Joanna; McCord, J. Fraser
Sep-2008 Combating implant infections: remarks by a women's team.Arciola, Carla R.; Balaban, Naomi; Baldassarri, Lucilla; Fromm, Katharina; Hansch, Gertrud M.; Obst, Ursula; Presterl, Elisabeth; Stefani, Stefania; Verran, Joanna; Visai, Livia
1995 Comments on the routine testing of water samples for Legionella sp.Verran, Joanna; Taylor, Rebecca L.; Christopher, N. S. J.; Robinson, J. S.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 143


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