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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2003 Adhesion screening for natural immobilizationDempsey, Michael J.; Mutch, Kevin P.
Sep-2000 Biofilm development for a nitrification processLannigan, Kevin C.; Dempsey, Michael J.
1994 Biofilms and fluidized bed fermentationDempsey, Michael J.
1-Aug-2001 Continuous affinity-based selection: rapid screening and simultaneous amplification of bacterial surface-display librariesPatel, Dipak; Vitovski, Srdjan; Senior, H. Jennifer; Edge, Michael D.; Hockney, Robert C.; Dempsey, Michael J.; Sayers, Jon R.
2006 The expanded bed biofilter: combined nitrification, solids destruction, and removal of bacteriaDempsey, Michael J.; Porto, Inaee; Mustafa, M.; Rowan, Arlene K.; Brown, Angela; Head, Ian M.
Apr-2000 Expanded bed groundwater treatmentDempsey, Michael J.; Cowl, James; Štembal, Tamara; Sipos, Laszlo
Sep-2004 Expanded-bed technology for low-cost, high-rate biological wastewater treatmentDempsey, Michael J.; Minall, Rowland J.; Lannigan, Kevin C.
Sep-2003 Flow-distribution and biofilm-control in expanded and fluidized bed biological treatment processDempsey, Michael J.
11-Oct-2001 Improvements in and relating to fluid bed expansion and fluidization [UK Patent Application no. 0124433.4]Dempsey, Michael J.
9-Oct-2002 Improvements in and relating to fluid bed expansion and fluidization [UK Patent Application no. 0223472.2]Dempsey, Michael J.
Aug-2003 Linking dynamic changes in off-gas concentrations to consumption of exogenous and endogenous substrates by Escherichia coliDempsey, Michael J.; Benson, Paul S.; McMahon, Adam W.
2006 Natural immobilisation of microorganisms for continuous ethanol productionBaptista, Cristina; Cóias, João M.A.; Oliveira, Ana C.M.; Oliveira, Nuno M.C.; Rocha, Jorge M.S.; Dempsey, Michael J.; Lannigan, Kevin C.; Benson, Paul S.
Oct-1998 Nitrification process [UK Patent Application no. WO0024682Dempsey, Michael J.
3-Jun-2003 Nitrification process [US Patent Application No. 09/830418]Dempsey, Michael J.
Sep-2000 Nitrifying biofilms: structure, co-operation and performanceDempsey, Michael J.
Aug-2003 Off-gas analysis: a clearer window on microbial physiology?Dempsey, Michael J.
Nov-2008 Optimization of biobleaching of paper pulp in an expanded bed bioreactor with immobilized alkali stable xylanase by using response surface methodologySenthilkumar, Sundar R.; Dempsey, Michael J.; Krishnan, Chandraraj; Gunasekaran, Paramasamy
9-Jan-2008 Particulate biofilm technology for wastewater treatmentDempsey, Michael J.; Boltz, Joshua P.; McQuarrie, James; Johnson, Barrie; Daigger, Glen T.
Mar-2005 Particulate-biofilm, expanded-bed technology for high-rate, low-cost wastewater treatment: NitrificationDempsey, Michael J.
19-Jul-2005 Thermal inactivation of alkali stable xylanases (XylA & XylB) from alkali tolerant fungus Aspergillus fischeri Fxn 1: effect of trehalose on their thermostabilityRajan, Senthilkumar S.; Balasubramaniem, Ashokkumar; Krishnan, Chandraraj; Dempsey, Michael J.; Paramasamy, Gunasekaran
Showing results 1 to 20 of 21


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