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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Application of active steering systems for the reduction of rolling contact fatigue on railsPerez, Javier; Stow, Julian M.; Iwnicki, Simon D.
1999 The application of roller rigs to railway vehicle dynamicsJaschinski, Alfred; Chollet, Hugues; Iwnicki, Simon D.; Wickens, Alan H.; Würzen, Jürgen von
24-Nov-1999 Assessing railway vehicle derailment potential using neural networksIwnicki, Simon D.; Parkinson, Howard; Stow, Julian M.
Jul-2003 Asymmetrical stator and rotor faulty detection using vibration, phase current and transient speed analysisLiang, Bo; Iwnicki, Simon D.; Ball, Andrew D.
30-Oct-2008 Calculation of wear on a corrugated rail using a three-dimensional contact modelXie, Gang; Iwnicki, Simon D.
Jan-2008 Comparison of wheel-rail contact codes for railway vehicle simulation: an introduction to the Manchester Contact Benchmark and initial resultsShackleton, Philip; Iwnicki, Simon D.
2001 The critical speed of a railway vehicle on a roller rigAllen, Paul; Iwnicki, Simon D.
Apr-2007 Experimental and theoretical investigation of railway wheel squealHsu, Sin Sin; Huang, Zhenyu; Iwnicki, Simon D.; Thompson, David J.; Jones, Christopher J.C.; Xie, Gang; Allen, Paul
2007 An experimental study of independently rotating wheels for railway vehiclesLiang, Bo; Iwnicki, Simon D.
Feb-1999 An intelligent track monitoring systemParkinson, Howard; Iwnicki, Simon D.
2006 Introduction of falling friction coefficients into curving calculations for studying curve squeal noiseXie, Gang; Allen, Paul; Iwnicki, Simon D.; Alonso, Asier; Thompson, David J.; Jones, Christopher J.C.; Huang, Zhenyu
May-2001 A kinetic analysis of trained wheelchair racers during two speeds of propulsionGoosey-Tolfrey, Victoria L.; Fowler, Neil E.; Campbell, Iain G.; Iwnicki, Simon D.
20-May-1998 Modelling the behaviour of freight vehiclesIwnicki, Simon D.; Stow, Julian M.
2001 Non-linear dynamic techniques v. equivalent conicity methods for rail vehicle stability assessmentGoodall, Roger M.; Iwnicki, Simon D.
Jul-2002 Opportunities for improving interfaces between railway engineering analysis toolsBayati, Hamid; Iwnicki, Simon D.; Stow, Julian M.
2004 Optimisation of railway wheel profiles using a genetic algorithmPersson, Ingemar; Iwnicki, Simon D.
1-Nov-2002 Simulation and fault detection of three-phase induction motorsLiang, Bo; Payne, Bradley S.; Ball, Andrew D.; Iwnicki, Simon D.
2004 Simulation and testing of a wheelset with induction motor driven independent wheelsLiang, Bo; Iwnicki, Simon D.; Swift, Frederick J.
Nov-2001 Simulation as a tool for assessing the match between track and vehicle standardsIwnicki, Simon D.; Bezin, Yann
2008 Simulation of wear on a rough rail using a time-domain wheel–track interaction modelXie, Gang; Iwnicki, Simon D.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 27


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