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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2010 Business information query expansion through semantic networkGong, Zhiguo; Muyeba, Maybin; Guo, Jingzhi
2010 Computational modelling and social theory – the dangers of numerical representationEdmonds, Bruce
2010 Modelling of chance discovery in variations of linear temporal logic implementing agents' interactionRybakov, Vladimir V.
Dec-2009 Linear temporal logic LTLK extended by multi-agent logic Kn with interacting agentsRybakov, Vladimir V.
Dec-2009 Advances in games technology: software, models, and intelligencePrakash, Edmond C.; Brindle, Geoff; Jones, Kevin; Zhou, Suiping; Chaudhari, Narendra S.; Wong, Kok-Wai
Dec-2009 Neuronal computersBorresen, Jon; Lynch, Stephen
Sep-2009 Logics of Kripke meta-modelsBabenyshev, Sergey; Rybakov, Vladimir V.
Jun-2009 Novel moving target search algorithms for computer gamingLoh, Peter K. K.; Prakash, Edmond C.
May-2009 Logic of knowledge and discovery via interacting agents – decision algorithm for true and satisfiable statementsRybakov, Vladimir V.
2009 Temporal logic for modeling discovery and logical uncertaintyBabenyshev, Sergey; Rybakov, Vladimir V.
2009 Face to face: anthropometry-based interactive face shape modeling using model priorsZhang, Yu; Prakash, Edmond C.
2009 Performance simulations of moving target search algorithmsLoh, Peter K. K.; Prakash, Edmond C.
2009 DNA hash pooling and its applicationsShasha, Dennis; Amos, Martyn
2009 Fuzzification of discrete attributes from financial data in fuzzy classification treesCrockett, Keeley; Bandar, Zuhair A.; O'Shea, James
2009 Elgasir: an algorithm for creating fuzzy regression treesGasir, Fathi; Bandar, Zuhair A.; Crockett, Keeley
2009 Describing evolutions of multi-agent systemsBabenyshev, Sergey; Rybakov, Vladimir V.
Aug-2008 Linear temporal logic with until and next, logical consecutionsRybakov, Vladimir V.
Aug-2008 Branching time logics BTL, U,S , N,N −1(Z)α with operations until and since based on bundles of integer numbers, logical consecutions, deciding algorithmsRybakov, Vladimir V.
Aug-2008 Multi-modal and temporal logics with universal formula—reduction of admissibility to validity and unificationRybakov, Vladimir V.
Mar-2008 Database systems: design, implementation & management - international editionRob, Peter; Coronel, Carlos; Crockett, Keeley
Showing results 1 to 20 of 125


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