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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Activity classification for interactive game interfacesDarby, John; Li, Baihua; Costen, Nicholas
2007 Adaptive processing of range scanned head: synthesis of personalized animated human face representation with multiple-level radial basis functionChen, C.; Prakash, Edmond C.
Aug-2005 Admissible inference rules in temporal linear logics based at integer numbersRybakov, Vladimir V.
Dec-2009 Advances in games technology: software, models, and intelligencePrakash, Edmond C.; Brindle, Geoff; Jones, Kevin; Zhou, Suiping; Chaudhari, Narendra S.; Wong, Kok-Wai
Oct-2006 Agent-based training simulator for leather cuttingCrispin, Alan; Clay, Paul; Bayes, Tom; Reedman, David
Jul-2005 Analysis of a blood cell population modelLynch, Stephen
Sep-2007 An ant-based algorithm for annular sortingAmos, Martyn; Don, Oliver
Mar-2004 The applicability of the shallow water equations for modelling violent wave overtoppingShiach, Jon B.; Mingham, Clive G.; Ingram, David M.; Bruce, Thomas
Jan-2008 Articulated motion reconstruction from feature pointsLi, Baihua; Meng, Qinggang; Holstein, Horst
2004 Automatic customization of embedded applications for enhanced performance and reduced power using optimizing compiler techniquesÖzer, Emre; Nisbet, Andy; Gregg, David
Jun-2007 An axiomatisation for the multi-modal logic of knowledge and linear time LTKCalardo, Erica; Rybakov, Vladimir V.
2007 Bacterial self-organisation and computationAmos, Martyn; Hodgson, David A.; Gibbons, Alan
2005 Bistable neuromodulesLynch, Stephen; Bandar, Z. G.
Jan-1998 A bore-capturing finite volume method for open-channel flowsHu, Keming; Mingham, Clive G.; Causon, Derek M.
Aug-2008 Branching time logics BTL, U,S , N,N −1(Z)α with operations until and since based on bundles of integer numbers, logical consecutions, deciding algorithmsRybakov, Vladimir V.
Feb-2010 Business information query expansion through semantic networkGong, Zhiguo; Muyeba, Maybin; Guo, Jingzhi
20-Feb-2000 Calculation of shallow water flows using a Cartesian cut cell approachCauson, Derek M.; Ingram, David M.; Mingham, Clive G.; Yang, G.; Pearson, Richard V.
2007 Cartesian cut cell free surface capturing solver for wave floating body interactionsQian, Ling; Causon, Derek M.; Mingham, Clive G.
Jul-2001 A Cartesian cut cell method for shallow water flows with moving boundariesCauson, Derek M.; Ingram, David M.; Mingham, Clive G.
Sep-2003 Cartesian cut cell two-fluid solver for hydraulic flow problemsQian, Ling; Causon, Derek M.; Ingram, David M.; Mingham, Clive G.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 125


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