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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2014 Pioneer microbial communities of the Fimmvörðuháls lava flow, Eyjafjallajökull, IcelandKelly, Laura C.; Cockell, Charles S.; Thorsteinsson, Thorsteinn; Marteinsson, Viggó; Stevenson, John
2010 Surface topography and physicochemistry of silver containing titanium nitride nanocomposite coatingsWhitehead, Kathryn A.; Kelly, Peter; Li, Heqing; Verran, Joanna
Nov-2009 QLF is not readily suitable for in vivo denture plaque assessment.Coulthwaite, Lisa; Pretty, Iain A.; Smith, Philip W.; Higham, Susan M.; Verran, Joanna
2009 Photocatalytic surfaces: environmental benefits of NanotitaniaAllen, Norman S.; Edge, Michele; Verran, Joanna; Caballero, Lucia; Abrusci, Conception; Stratton, John; Maltby, Julie; Bygott, Claire
30-Sep-2008 The detection of food soils and cells on stainless steel using industrial methods: UV illumination and ATP bioluminescence.Whitehead, Kathryn A.; Smith, Lindsay A.; Verran, Joanna
Sep-2008 Combating implant infections: remarks by a women's team.Arciola, Carla R.; Balaban, Naomi; Baldassarri, Lucilla; Fromm, Katharina; Hansch, Gertrud M.; Obst, Ursula; Presterl, Elisabeth; Stefani, Stefania; Verran, Joanna; Visai, Livia
Jun-2008 Colonization and deterioration of soft denture lining materials in vivo.Taylor, Rebecca L.; Bulad, Khaled; Verran, Joanna; McCord, J. Fraser
2008 Development of an in vitro denture plaque biofilm to model denture malodourCoulthwaite, Lisa; Verran, Joanna
2008 Biomedical devices: microbiological aspectsWhitehead, Kathryn A.; Verran, Joanna
2008 Photocatalytic surfaces: antipollution and antimicrobial effectsAllen, Norman S.; Edge, Michele; Verran, Joanna; Stratton, John; Maltby, Julie; Bygott, Claire
2008 Microbial retention on open food contact surfaces and implications for food contamination.Verran, Joanna; Airey, Paul; Packer, Adele; Whitehead, Kathryn A.
2008 Photocatalytic titania based surfaces: environmental benefitsAllen, Norman S.; Edge, Michele; Verran, Joanna; Stratton, John; Maltby, Julie; Bygott, Claire
2008 Microbiology and artVerran, Joanna
Nov-2007 Potential use of copper as a hygienic surface; problems associated with cumulative soiling and cleaning.Airey, Paul; Verran, Joanna
2007 Potential pathogenic aspects of denture plaqueCoulthwaite, Lisa; Verran, Joanna
2007 A study of the microbial contamination of dental impressions within a dental hospitalRodger, G.; McCord, J. Fraser; Taylor, Rebecca L.; Verran, Joanna
2007 A clinical study on the effect of the prebiotic inulin in the control of oral malodour.Doran, Anna L.; Verran, Joanna
2007 A clinical study on the antimicrobial and breath-freshening effect of zinc-containing lozenge formulations.Doran, Anna L.; Greenman, John; Verran, Joanna
2007 Variables affecting the antibacterial properties of nano and pigmentary titania particles in suspensionVerran, Joanna; Sandoval, Gonzalo; Allen, Norman S.; Stratton, John
2007 The effect of surface properties and application method on the retention of Pseudomonas aeruginosa on uncoated and titanium-coated stainless steelWhitehead, Kathryn A.; Verran, Joanna
Showing results 1 to 20 of 107


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