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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011 The rhythms of commutingEdensor, Timothy J.
2011 Vernacular workplace culture : the ghosts of collectivity haunt the futureEdensor, Timothy J.
2011 Sensuous geographies of tourismEdensor, Timothy J.; Falconer, Emily
2011 Materiality, time and the city: the multiple temporalities of building stoneEdensor, Timothy J.
2011 Entangled agencies, material networks and repair in a building assemblage: the mutable stone of St Ann’s Church, ManchesterEdensor, Timothy J.
2011 Urban theory beyond the West: a world of citiesEdensor, Timothy J.; Jayne, Mark
2011 Spiritual lifeHolloway, Julian
2011 Tracing the emergent in geographies of religion and beliefHolloway, Julian
2011 Playing in industrial ruins: interrogating teleological understandings of play in spaces of material alterity and low surveillanceEdensor, Timothy J.; Evans, Bethan; Holloway, Julian; Millington, Steve; Binnie, Jon
2011 Socialist statuary as post-socialist hybrids: following the statues of Dr Petru Groza in RomaniaLight, Duncan; Young, Craig
May-2010 Has river rehabilitation begun? Social perspectives from the Upper Hunter catchment, New South Wales, AustraliaSpink, Alexandra; Hillman, Mick; Fryirs, Kirstie; Brierley, Gary; Lloyd, Kate
9-Apr-2010 TourismEdensor, Timothy J.
Apr-2010 Walking in rhythms: place, regulation, style and the flow of experienceEdensor, Timothy J.
Apr-2010 The UNITE database for molecular identification of fungi – recent updates and future perspectivesAbarenkov, Kessy; Nilsson, R. Henrik; Larsson, Karl-Henrik; Alexander, Ian J.; Eberhardt, Ursula; Erland, Susanne; Høiland, Klaus; Kjøller, Rasmus; Larsson, Ellen; Pennanen, Taina; Sen, Robin; Taylor, Andy F. S.; Tedersoo, Leho; Ursing, Björn M.; Vrålstad, Trude; Liimatainen, Kare; Peintner, Ursula; Kõljalg, Urmas
Feb-2010 Reply to Bastian, L.V.'s, comment on Hearty, P.J. and O'Leary, M.J., 2008. Carbonate eolianites, quartz sands, and quaternary sea-level cycles, Western Australia: a chronostratigraphic approach. Quaternary Geochronology 3: 26–55Hearty, Paul J.; O'Leary, Michael J.
Feb-2010 Characteristics of feeding-site selection by breeding Green Woodpeckers Picus viridis in a UK agricultural landscapeAlder, Danny; Marsden, Stuart
Feb-2010 Evidence for the episodic "turn on" and "turn off" of turbid-zone coral reefs during the late Holocene sea-level highstandPerry, Christopher T.; Smithers, Scott G.
Jan-2010 Anticipating fatness: childhood, affect and the pre-emptive 'war on obesity'Evans, Bethan
Jan-2010 A controlled water-table depth system to study the influence of fine-scale differences in water regime for plant growthAraya, Yoseph N.; Gowing, David J.; Dise, Nancy B.
Jan-2010 Environmental correlates of tree biomass, basal area, wood specific gravity and stem density gradients in Borneo's tropical forestsSlik, J. W. F.; Aiba, Shin-Ichiro; Brearley, Francis Q.; Cannon, Chuck H.; Forshed, Olle; Kitayama, Kanehiro; Nagamasu, Hidetoshi; Nilus, Reuben; Payne, John; Paoli, Gary; Poulsen, Axel D.; Raes, Neils; Sheil, Douglas; Sidiyasa, Kade; Suzuki, Eizi; van Valkenburg, Johan L. C. H.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 140


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