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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2008 1200 year paleoecological record of coral community development from the terrigenous inner shelf of the Great Barrier ReefPerry, Christopher T.; Smithers, Scott G.; Palmer, S. E.; Larcombe, P.; Johnson, K. G.
Mar-1988 AC multipolar sources for vibrating and rotating sample magnetometer modellingHoon, Steve R.
2000 Analysis of radical content on carbon black pigments by electron spin resonance: influence of functionality, thermal treatment and adsorption of acidic and basic probesPeña, Jose M.; Allen, Norman S.; Edge, Michele; Liauw, Chris; Hoon, Steve R.; Valange, B.; Cherry, Robert I.
Jan-2010 Anticipating fatness: childhood, affect and the pre-emptive 'war on obesity'Evans, Bethan
2009 Antioxidant capacity of novel amine derivatives of buckminsterfullerene: determination of inhibition rate constants in a model oxidation systemAllen, Norman S.; Zeynalov, Eldar B.; Taylor, Kimberley; Birkett, Paul R.
Sep-1990 The application and evolution of reversible and irreversible torque magnetometry to particulate chrome dioxideHoon, Steve R.; Lowe, J.
Jan-2011 Assessment of physical and hydrological properties of biological soil crusts using X-ray microtomography and modelingMenon, M.; Yuan, Q.; Jia, X.; Dougill, A.J.; Hoon, Steve R.; Thomas, A.D.; Williams, R.A.
2010 Aurora landscapes: affective atmospheres of light and darkEdensor, Timothy J.
Jun-2008 The Australian river management experienceFryirs, Kirstie; Chessman, Bruce; Hillman, Mick; Outhet, David; Spink, Alexandra
Dec-2006 Binucleate Rhizoctonia (Ceratorhiza spp.) as non-mycorrhizal endophytes alter Pinus sylvestris L. seedling root architecture and affect growth of rooted cuttingsGrönberg, Henrietta; Kaparakis, George; Sen, Robin
Dec-2006 Binucleate Rhizoctonia (Ceratorhiza spp.) induce adventitious root formation in hypocotyl cuttings of Pinus sylvestris L.Kaparakis, George; Sen, Robin
2008 Biodiversity in small-scale tropical agroforests: a review of species richness and abundance shifts and the factors influencing themScales, Ben R.; Marsden, Stuart
Oct-2008 Bird community variation across Polylepis woodland fragments and matrix habitats: implications for biodiversity conservation within a high Andean landscapeLloyd, Huw; Marsden, Stuart
2010 Building stone in Manchester: networks of materiality, circulating matter and the ongoing constitution of the cityEdensor, Timothy J.
2010 Carbon dioxide fluxes from biologically-crusted Kalahari Sands after simulated wettingThomas, Andrew D.; Hoon, Steve R.
Jul-2008 Carbon dioxide fluxes from cyanobacteria crusted soils in the KalahariThomas, Andrew D.; Hoon, Steve R.; Linton, Patricia E.
Dec-2008 Carbonate budgets and reef production states: a geomorphic perspective on the ecological phase-shift conceptPerry, Christopher T.; Spencer, Thomas; Kench, Paul
Jan-2010 Changes in species richness and composition in European acidic grasslands over the past 70 years: the contribution of cumulative atmospheric nitrogen depositionDuprè, Cecilia; Stevens, Carly J.; Ranke, Traute; Bleeker, Albert; Peppler-Lisbach, Cord; Gowing, David J.; Dise, Nancy B.; Dorland, Edu; Bobbink, Roland; Diekmann, Martin
Feb-2010 Characteristics of feeding-site selection by breeding Green Woodpeckers Picus viridis in a UK agricultural landscapeAlder, Danny; Marsden, Stuart
2009 Christmas light displays and the creative production of economies of generosityEdensor, Timothy J.; Millington, Steve
Showing results 1 to 20 of 164


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