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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Can online discussions help student social workers learn when studying communication?Domakin, Alison
2011 Working life in rural micro-enterprises: old forms of organisation in the new economyBaines, Susan; Wheelock, Jane; Oughton, Elizabeth
Feb-2010 Distress and metacognition in psychosis prone individuals: comparing high schizotypy to the at-risk mental stateBarkus, Emma J.; Stirling, John D.; French, Paul; Morrison, Anthony; Bentall, Richard; Lewis, Shon
Sep-2009 On linking Lacan and Foulkes: commentary on Dieter Nitzgen's 'The location of sexuality in group analysis'Burman, Erica
Feb-2009 Critical psychology and revolutionary MarxismParker, Ian
Jan-2009 Narratives of challenging research: stirring tales of politics and practiceBurman, Erica
2009 Citizenship, volunteering and active ageingLie, Mabel; Baines, Susan; Wheelock, Jane
2009 Active citizenship in later life: older volunteers in a deprived community in EnglandHardill, Irene; Baines, Susan
2009 Personal reflections on Knowledge Transfer and changing UK research prioritiesHardill, Irene; Baines, Susan
May-2008 Connecting not competing with others: raising awareness of wellbeingFisher, Jenny; Yarwood, Gemma
2008 ‘At least I can do something’: the work of volunteering in a community beset by worklessnessBaines, Susan; Hardill, Irene
Dec-2007 Cognitive and neural processes in non-clinical auditory hallucinationsBarkus, Emma J.; Stirling, John D.; Hopkins, Richard S.; McKier, Shane; Lewis, Shôn
2007 ‘Trying to do a jigsaw without the picture on the box’: understanding the challenges of care integration in the context of single assessment for older people in EnglandWilson, Rob; Baines, Susan; Cornford, James; Martin, Mike
2007 Making sense of organizational change: voices of older volunteersLie, Mabel; Baines, Susan
Sep-2006 Life's a gas? The training needs of practitioners and carers working with young people misusing volatile substancesBoylan, Jane; Worley, Claire; Braye, Suzy
Aug-2006 Hallucination proneness, schizotypy and meta-cognitionStirling, John D.; Barkus, Emma J.; Lewis, Shôn
12-Apr-2006 Cannabis-induced psychosis like experiences are associated with high schizotypyBarkus, Emma J.; Stirling, John D.; Hopkins, Richard S.; Lewis, Shôn
1-Apr-2006 Thought disorder in schizophrenia is associated with both executive dysfunction and circumscribed impairments in semantic function.Stirling, John D.; Hellewell, Jonathan S.E.; Blakey, Andrew; Deakin, William
11-Jan-2006 The presence of neurological soft signs along the psychosis proneness continuumBarkus, Emma J.; Stirling, John D.; Hopkins, Richard S.; Lewis, Shôn
2006 Storying disability and impairment: retrospective accounts of disabled family lifeGoodley, Dan A.; Tregaskis, Claire
Showing results 1 to 20 of 59


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