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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jun-2015 Using diaries and photo elicitation in phenomenological research: studying everyday practices of belonging in placeBennett, Julia
29-Jun-2015 Gifted places: the inalienable nature of belonging in placeBennett, Julia
29-Jun-2015 Doing race: how secondary school pupils in mainly white schools construct 'race'Bennett, Julia; Lee-Treweek, Geraldine
29-Jun-2015 Researching the intangible: a qualitative phenomenological study of the everyday practices of belongingBennett, Julia
2011 Facing atrocity: shame and its absenceHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.
2011 The philosopher's task: value-based practice and bringing to consciousness underlying philosophical commitmentsHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.
2011 Family resemblanceHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.
2011 Necessary and sufficient conditionsHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.
2011 Private language argumentHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.
2010 Thinking and understandingHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.
2010 TherapyHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.; Read, Rupert
Dec-2009 The basis of medical knowledge: judgement, objectivity and the history of ideasLoughlin, Michael
2009 Why teach philosophy?Hutchinson, Anthony Philip A.; Loughlin, Michael
2008 Shame and philosophy: an investigation in the philosophy of emotions and ethicsHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.
2008 Toward a perspicuous presentation of “perspicuous presentation”Hutchinson, Anthony Philip A.; Read, Rupert
2008 Emotion-Philosophy-ScienceHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.
2008 There is no such thing as a social science: in defence of Peter WinchHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.; Read, Rupert; Sharrock, Wes
2006 Unsinnig : a reply to HuttoHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.
2005 Whose WittgensteinHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.; Read, Rupert
2005 "Memento": a philosophical investigationHutchinson, Anthony Philip A.; Read, Rupert
Showing results 1 to 20 of 24


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