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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Unsteady magnetohydrodynamic Hartmann–Couette flow and heat transfer in a Darcian channel with Hall current, ionslip, viscous and Joule heating effects: network numerical solutionsBég, O. Anwar; Zueco, Joaquín; Takhar, Harmindar S.
30-Oct-2008 Calculation of wear on a corrugated rail using a three-dimensional contact modelXie, Gang; Iwnicki, Simon D.
Jan-2008 Simulations of roughness growth on rails - results from a 2D non-Hertzian, non-steady contact modelXie, Gang; Iwnicki, Simon D.
Jan-2008 Comparison of wheel-rail contact codes for railway vehicle simulation: an introduction to the Manchester Contact Benchmark and initial resultsShackleton, Philip; Iwnicki, Simon D.
2008 Simulation of wear on a rough rail using a time-domain wheel–track interaction modelXie, Gang; Iwnicki, Simon D.
2008 Magnetohydrodynamic convection flow from a sphere to a non-Darcian porous medium with heat generation or absorption effects: network simulationBég, O. Anwar; Zueco, Joaquín; Bhargava, Rama; Takhar, Harmindar S.
2008 Numerical study of heat transfer of a third grade viscoelastic fluid in non-Darcy porous media with thermophysical effectsBég, O. Anwar; Takhar, Harmindar S.; Bhargava, Rama; Rawat, S.; Prasad, V. Ramachandra
2008 Numerical modelling of transient mass transfer in an aquifer with simultaneous first order chemical reaction and second order decayWarke, A.S.; Das, Samir K.; Bég, O. Anwar; Takhar, Harmindar S.; Bég, Tasveer A.
2008 Laminar free convection from a continuously-moving vertical surface in thermally-stratified non-Darcian high-porosity medium: Network numerical studyBég, O. Anwar; Zueco, Joaquín; Takhar, Harmindar S.
2008 NSM analysis of time-dependent nonlinear buoyancy-driven double-diffusive radiative convection flow in non-Darcy geological porous mediaBég, O. Anwar; Zueco, Joaquín; Bég, Tasveer A.; Takhar, Harmindar S.; Kahya, Ercan
2008 Transient Couette flow in a rotating non-Darcian porous medium parallel plate configuration: network simulation method solutionsBég, O. Anwar; Takhar, Harmindar S.; Zueco, Joaquín; Sajid, A.; Bhargava, Rama
Dec-2007 Numerical study of wave propagation in compressible two-phase flowZeidan, D.; Romenski, E.; Slaouti, Arezki; Toro, E. F.
Sep-2007 Non-uniform mass transfer or wall enthalpy into a compressible flow over a rotating sphereSubhashini, S. V.; Takhar, Harmindar S.; Nath, Girishwar
31-Aug-2007 Finite element solutions for non-Newtonian pulsatile flow in a non-Darcian porous medium conduitBhargava, Rama; Takhar, Harmindar S.; Rawat, S.; Bég, Tasveer A.; Bég, O. Anwar
Jun-2007 Pulsatile magneto-biofluid flow and mass transfer in a non-Darcian porous medium channelBhargava, Rama; Rawat, S.; Takhar, Harmindar S.; Bég, O. Anwar
5-May-2007 A study of steady buoyancy-driven dissipative micropolar free convection heat and mass transfer in a darcian porous regime with chemical reactionBég, O. Anwar; Bhargava, Rama; Rawat, S.; Takhar, Harmindar S.; Bég, Tasveer A.
Apr-2007 Experimental and theoretical investigation of railway wheel squealHsu, Sin Sin; Huang, Zhenyu; Iwnicki, Simon D.; Thompson, David J.; Jones, Christopher J.C.; Xie, Gang; Allen, Paul
29-Jan-2007 Numerical solutions for micropolar transport phenomena over a nonlinear stretching sheetBhargava, Rama; Sharma, S.; Takhar, Harmindar S.; Bég, O. Anwar; Bhargava, Pradeep
Jan-2007 Effects of nonuniformly heated wall(s) on a natural-convection flow in a square cavity filled with a porous mediumBasak, Tanmay; Roy, Satyajit; Takhar, Harmindar S.
2007 An experimental study of independently rotating wheels for railway vehiclesLiang, Bo; Iwnicki, Simon D.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 88


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