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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Experiences of forced labour among Chinese migrant workersKagan, Carolyn; Lo, Sandy; Mok, Lisa; Lawthom, Rebecca; Sham, Sylvia; Greenwood, Mark; Baines, Sue
2010 The way we are nowHaworth, John
2009 Citizenship, volunteering and active ageingLie, Mabel; Baines, Susan; Wheelock, Jane
2009 Active citizenship in later life: older volunteers in a deprived community in EnglandHardill, Irene; Baines, Susan
2009 Personal reflections on Knowledge Transfer and changing UK research prioritiesHardill, Irene; Baines, Susan
2008 ‘At least I can do something’: the work of volunteering in a community beset by worklessnessBaines, Susan; Hardill, Irene
Sep-2007 Theorising sleep practices in later life: moving into sheltered housingFairhurst, Eileen
1-Jul-2007 Well-being - individual, community and social perspectivesHaworth, John; Hart, G.
Jul-2007 Mass media, lifestyle and public healthKing, Martin S.
Apr-2007 Rhetorical organisations of defense in primary careKing, Martin S.; Warne, Tony; McAndrew, Sue; Holland, Karen
Apr-2007 What are they doing here? A critical guide to asylum and immigrationHayes, Debra; Fell, Peter
2007 ‘Trying to do a jigsaw without the picture on the box’: understanding the challenges of care integration in the context of single assessment for older people in EnglandWilson, Rob; Baines, Susan; Cornford, James; Martin, Mike
2007 Making sense of organizational change: voices of older volunteersLie, Mabel; Baines, Susan
Dec-2006 Accessibility of condoms to young people in Manchester, UKSixsmith, Judith; Griffiths, John; Hughes, John; Wren, Joanne; Penfold, Steve; Natusch, Hilary
Jul-2006 The voices of older women in a disadvantaged community: issues of health and social capitalSixsmith, Judith; Boneham, Margaret
22-Jun-2006 Structure and agency in deafness discourse: binaries of powerJones, Susan G.
31-May-2006 Understanding housing policyLund, Brian
18-Apr-2006 The internet, empowerment, and identity: an exploration of participation by refugee women in a Community Internet Project (CIP) in the United Kingdom (UK)Siddiquee, Asiya; Kagan, Carolyn
15-Feb-2006 Androgens modulate the inflammatory response during acute wound healingGilliver, Stephen C.; Ashworth, Jason J.; Mills, Stuart J.; Hardman, Matthew J.; Ashcroft, Gillian S.
2006 A journey of seven steps - social work students as critical thinkersJones, Susan G.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 49


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