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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Re-examining agile supply chain practices in post recession fashion retailSpragg, Jon
2011 Digital printing technology for textiles and apparelTyler, David J.
11-Aug-2010 Effect of sonication on colour, ascorbic acid and yeast inactivation in tomato juiceAdekunte, A. O.; Tiwari, Brijesh; Cullen, P. J.; Scannell, Amalia; O’Donnell, C. P.
2010 The advantage of using extrusion processing for increasing dietary fibre level in gluten-free productsStojceska, Valentina; Ainsworth, Paul; Plunkett, Andrew; İbanoğlu, Şenol
2010 Carrier-mode supply-chain optimization for inbound garment distribution in UKSpragg, Jon
2010 Detection of Konjac glucomannan by immunoassayHurley, Ian P.; Pickles, Neil A.; Qin, Hongmei; Elyse Ireland, H.; Coleman, Robert C.; Tosun, Berat N.; Buyuktuncer, Zehra; Williams, John H. H.
2010 Application of ozone in grain processingTiwari, Brijesh; Brennan, Charles S.; Curran, T.; Gallagher, E.; Cullen, P. J.; O' Donnell, C. P.
2010 Energy considerations on extrusion of Tarhana, a wheat flour based productIbanoglu, Şenol; Ainsworth, Paul
2010 Hospitality managers' knowledge of HIV and HIV education: an exploratory studyYap, Matthew; Ineson, Elizabeth M.
2010 Holidays of older gay men: age or sexual orientation as decisive factors?Hughes, Howard L.; Deutsch, Richard
2010 Enhancement of short chain fatty acid formation by pure cultures of probiotics on rice fibreFernando, Warnakulasuriya; Brennan, Charles S.; Flint, Steve; Ranaweera, Kamburawala; Bamunuarachchi, Arthur; Morton, Hugh R.
2009 HIV-infected employees in the Asian hospitality industryYap, Matthew; Ineson, Elizabeth M.
Dec-2008 The changing face of the apparel industryTyler, David J.
22-Oct-2008 Designers with business skills and supply chain insightTyler, David J.
May-2008 Advances in apparel product developmentTyler, David J.
Apr-2008 Carr & Latham's Technology of Clothing ManufactureTyler, David J.
2007 Ethical practice and methodological considerations in researching body cathexis for fashion productsApeagyei, Phoebe; Otieno, Rose; Tyler, David J.
Jul-2006 Detergents, clothing and the consumer with sensitive skinRowe, Helen D.
Jul-2006 Supply chain influences on new product development in fashion clothingTyler, David J.; Heeley, Jo; Bhamra, Tracy
18-Jun-2006 Cross-sectoral experiences with mass customizationTyler, David J.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 33


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