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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2014 Against metaphor: Samuel Beckett and the influence of scienceDuffy, Nikolai
17-Dec-2014 Beyond psychoanalysis: post-millennial horror film and affect theoryReyes, Xavier Aldana
18-Nov-2014 Keeping it real or selling out: the effects of accent modification on personal identityBaratta, Alex
22-Oct-2014 The time of death: “Passing away” in The Secret AgentWake, Paul
6-Oct-2014 Reading Holocaust poetry: singularity and Geoffrey Hill’s ‘September song’Rowland, Antony
6-Oct-2014 A Dialectic of forgetting: János Pilinszky and Ted HughesRowland, Antony
17-Jul-2014 Reading the unreadable: Kenneth Goldsmith, conceptual writing and the art of boredomDuffy, Nikolai
2014 Them’s fightin’ words: the use of conversion in British English to signal threatBaratta, Alex
2014 Mythical origins of Cervantes's friendships: value and use of friends in the Novelas ejemplaresPuig, Idoya
2014 The role of orthography in (apparent) L2 dialect acquisitionDrummond, Rob
2014 Accent, Identity and Linguistic HomelessnessBaratta, Alex
25-Jul-2013 Legal systems and skillsSlorach, Scott; Embley, Judith; Goodchild, Peter; Shephard, Catherine
Mar-2013 EU aid coordination and aid effectivenessDearden, Stephen J.H.
Mar-2013 The Manchester Polish STRUT: dialect acquisition in a second languageDrummond, R.
2013 Respect or ridicule? the representation of old age in Cervantes's worksPuig, Idoya
2013 A tale of three Candides: Sfar, Meyran and Delcourt recount VoltaireScreech, Matthew E. J.
Apr-2012 An imprint of Godzilla: Deleuze, the action-image and universal historyDreamer, David
Mar-2012 Aspects of identity in a second language: ING variation in the speech of Polish migrants living in Manchester, UKDrummond, Rob
2012 Moral panic and media representation: the Bradford riotsMassey, Joanne; Singh, Rajinder
2012 Understanding religion and society: identity, meaning and knowledgeScott-Jones, Julie
Showing results 1 to 20 of 1004


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