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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Surface topography and physicochemistry of silver containing titanium nitride nanocomposite coatingsWhitehead, Kathryn A.; Kelly, Peter; Li, Heqing; Verran, Joanna
2010 SEM and Raman study of thermally treated TiO2 anatase nanopowders: influence of calcination on photocatalytic activityMahdjoub, N.; Allen, Norman S.; Kelly, Peter; Vishnyakov, Vladimir
2010 Thermally induced phase and photocatalytic activity evolution of polymorphous titaniaMahdjoub, N.; Allen, Norman S.; Kelly, Peter; Vishnyakov, Vladimir
2010 Flying into the future: aviation emissions scenarios to 2050Owen, Bethan; Lee, David S.; Lim, Ling L.
Nov-2009 QLF is not readily suitable for in vivo denture plaque assessment.Coulthwaite, Lisa; Pretty, Iain A.; Smith, Philip W.; Higham, Susan M.; Verran, Joanna
2009 Unsteady magnetohydrodynamic Hartmann–Couette flow and heat transfer in a Darcian channel with Hall current, ionslip, viscous and Joule heating effects: network numerical solutionsBég, O. Anwar; Zueco, Joaquín; Takhar, Harmindar S.
2009 Glacier volume response time and its links to climate and topography based on a conceptual model of glacier hypsometryRaper, Sarah C. B.; Braithwaite, Roger J.
2009 Photocatalytic surfaces: environmental benefits of NanotitaniaAllen, Norman S.; Edge, Michele; Verran, Joanna; Caballero, Lucia; Abrusci, Conception; Stratton, John; Maltby, Julie; Bygott, Claire
30-Oct-2008 Calculation of wear on a corrugated rail using a three-dimensional contact modelXie, Gang; Iwnicki, Simon D.
30-Sep-2008 The detection of food soils and cells on stainless steel using industrial methods: UV illumination and ATP bioluminescence.Whitehead, Kathryn A.; Smith, Lindsay A.; Verran, Joanna
Sep-2008 Combating implant infections: remarks by a women's team.Arciola, Carla R.; Balaban, Naomi; Baldassarri, Lucilla; Fromm, Katharina; Hansch, Gertrud M.; Obst, Ursula; Presterl, Elisabeth; Stefani, Stefania; Verran, Joanna; Visai, Livia
Jul-2008 Carbon dioxide fluxes from cyanobacteria crusted soils in the KalahariThomas, Andrew D.; Hoon, Steve R.; Linton, Patricia E.
Jun-2008 Differences in soil enzyme activities, microbial community structure and short-term nitrogen mineralisation resulting from farm management history and organic matter amendmentsStark, Christine H.E.; Condron, Leo M.; O'Callaghan, Maureen; Stewart, Alison; Di, Hong Jie
Jun-2008 Colonization and deterioration of soft denture lining materials in vivo.Taylor, Rebecca L.; Bulad, Khaled; Verran, Joanna; McCord, J. Fraser
Jan-2008 Simulations of roughness growth on rails - results from a 2D non-Hertzian, non-steady contact modelXie, Gang; Iwnicki, Simon D.
Jan-2008 Comparison of wheel-rail contact codes for railway vehicle simulation: an introduction to the Manchester Contact Benchmark and initial resultsShackleton, Philip; Iwnicki, Simon D.
2008 Simulation of wear on a rough rail using a time-domain wheel–track interaction modelXie, Gang; Iwnicki, Simon D.
2008 NSM analysis of time-dependent nonlinear buoyancy-driven double-diffusive radiative convection flow in non-Darcy geological porous mediaBég, O. Anwar; Zueco, Joaquín; Bég, Tasveer A.; Takhar, Harmindar S.; Kahya, Ercan
2008 Transient Couette flow in a rotating non-Darcian porous medium parallel plate configuration: network simulation method solutionsBég, O. Anwar; Takhar, Harmindar S.; Zueco, Joaquín; Sajid, A.; Bhargava, Rama
2008 The implications for dust emission modeling of spatial and vertical variations in horizontal dust flux and particle size in the Bodélé Depression, Northern ChadChappell, Adrian; Warren, Andrew; O'Donoghue, Alice; Robinson, Andrea; Thomas, Andrew D.; Bristow, Charlie
Showing results 1 to 20 of 239


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