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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008 'Communication is everything I think': parenting a child who needs Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)Marshall, Julie; Goldbart, Juliet
Sep-2007 Parents' and speech and language therapists' explanatory models of language development, language delay and interventionMarshall, Julie; Goldbart, Juliet; Phillips, Julie
Aug-2007 Comparing perceptions of SLI in adolescent mainstream school studentsFrench, Ann
Jul-2007 Developmental language difficulty: are ‘diagnosis’ and ‘treatment’ appropriate concepts?French, Ann
Apr-2007 Describing participants in AAC research and their communicative environments: guidelines for research and practicePennington, Lindsay; Marshall, Julie; Goldbart, Juliet
Apr-2007 Perception of language impairment for students attending mainstream secondary schoolFrench, Ann
5-Dec-2006 Speech skills in young adolescents: are they still developing, and how do they affect academic progress?French, Ann
Sep-2006 Measuring phonological skills in adolescenceFrench, Ann
3-Jul-2006 Measuring phonological skills in adolescenceFrench, Ann
1-Jun-2006 Electroencephalographic functional equivalence during observation of actionHolmes, Paul S.; Collins, David J.; Calmels, Claire
4-Aug-2005 Variability of EEG synchronization prior to and during observation and execution of a sequential finger movementCalmels, Claire; Holmes, Paul S.; Jarry, Gilbert; Hars, Magaly; Lopez, Emilie; Paillard, Aurore; Stam, Cornelis J.
Jul-2005 International students of speech and language therapy in the UK : choices about where to study and whether to returnGoldbart, Juliet; Marshall, Julie; Evans, Ruth
Jan-2005 Direct speech and language therapy for children with cerebral palsy: findings from a systematic reviewPennington, Lindsay; Goldbart, Juliet; Marshall, Julie
2005 Describing participants in research on augmentative and alternative communicationMarshall, Julie; Pennington, Lindsay; Goldbart, Juliet
Jun-2004 Anxiety symptom interpretation and performance predictions in high-anxious, low-anxious and repressor sport performersJones, Kelly A.; Smith, Nickolas C.; Holmes, Paul S.
Apr-2004 International students of Speech and Language Therapy in the UK: do we meet their needs?Marshall, Julie; Goldbart, Juliet; Evans, Ruth
2004 "Pushes and pulls" on the parents of children who use AACGoldbart, Juliet; Marshall, Julie
2004 Interaction training for conversational partners of children with cerebral palsy: a systematic reviewPennington, Lindsay; Goldbart, Juliet; Marshall, Julie
Jul-2003 Speech and language therapy to improve the communication skills of children with cerebral palsyPennington, Lindsay; Goldbart, Juliet; Marshall, Julie
2003 International and cross-cultural issues: six key challenges for our professionsMarshall, Julie
Showing results 1 to 20 of 22


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