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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015 Fred in Wonderland: Carrollian nonsense effects in PhilémonScreech, Matthew
Jan-2015 Understanding new hybrid professions: Bourdieu, illusio and the case of public service interpretersColley, Helen; Guéry, Frédérique
18-Nov-2014 Keeping it real or selling out: the effects of accent modification on personal identityBaratta, Alex
2014 Them’s fightin’ words: the use of conversion in British English to signal threatBaratta, Alex
2014 Mythical origins of Cervantes's friendships: value and use of friends in the Novelas ejemplaresPuig, Idoya
2014 The role of orthography in (apparent) L2 dialect acquisitionDrummond, Rob
2014 Accent, Identity and Linguistic HomelessnessBaratta, Alex
Mar-2013 The Manchester Polish STRUT: dialect acquisition in a second languageDrummond, R.
2013 Respect or ridicule? the representation of old age in Cervantes's worksPuig, Idoya
2013 A tale of three Candides: Sfar, Meyran and Delcourt recount VoltaireScreech, Matthew E. J.
Mar-2012 Aspects of identity in a second language: ING variation in the speech of Polish migrants living in Manchester, UKDrummond, Rob
19-Apr-2011 Dakara to Sorede-Kanrensei Riron no Siten KaraSasamoto, Ryoko
28-Feb-2011 Contemporary families as pictured in Chatiliez’s filmsVanderschelden, Isabelle
2011 Relationships in Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda: parental authority and freedom of choicePuig, Idoya
2011 Cervantes’s presence in Javier Marías’s Mañana en la batalla piensa en míPuig, Idoya
2011 The Nouveau Roman and the new aesthetics of the 1950sSmyth, Edmund J.
2011 Tintin au pays du canard enchaîné: Hergé’s Hero re-invented in political cartoons of the 1950s and the 1960sScreech, Matthew E. J.
2011 Trailers y teasers en la clase de españolHerrero, Carmen; Valbuena, Ana
2011 La enseñanza intercultural en la clase de ele a través del cine: una propuesta con Un franco, 14 pesetas (Carlos Iglesias, 2006) y Sleep Dealer (Álex Rivera, 2008) para niveles b1 y b2-c1 del MCERHerrero, Carmen; Valbuena, Ana
2011 Using film to teach languages: a teachers’ toolkit for educators wanting to teach languages using film in the classroom, with a particular focus on Arabic, Mandarin, Italian and Urdu.Chan, Deborah; Herrero, Carmen
Showing results 1 to 20 of 120


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