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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Access to technology for the disabled: the forgotten legacy of innovation?Russell, Catherine
2010 Caste discrimination and minority rights: the case of India's DalitsWaughray, Annapurna
2009 Caste discrimination: a twenty-first century challenge for UK discrimination law?Waughray, Annapurna
9-Mar-2007 Caste: invisible discrimination?Waughray, Annapurna
2012 Cosmetic surgeryLatham, Melanie J.
2010 Cosmetic surgery and body modificationLatham, Melanie J.
2009 An examination of clicker technology use in legal educationEaston, Catherine
2010 Gender theory and body enhancement: ‘cyborgs’ and ‘cyberwomen’Latham, Melanie J.
2008 India and the paradox of caste discriminationWaughray, Annapurna
25-Jul-2013 Legal systems and skillsSlorach, Scott; Embley, Judith; Goodchild, Peter; Shephard, Catherine
Mar-2015 Making different differences: representation and rights in sexuality activismLalor, Kay
2011 Nanomedicine and body modification: critical perspectivesLatham, Melanie J.
Aug-2014 News Focus: ‘verbal abuse is not readily recognised as criminal offence’Cook, Kate
2009 Plastic fantastic: cosmetic empowerment, aesthetics and autonomyLatham, Melanie J.
2010 A poor prognosis for autonomy: self-regulated cosmetic surgery in the United KingdomLatham, Melanie J.
Nov-2014 Sex crimes not being recorded: the police need to believe allegationsCook, Kate
2008 The shape of things to come: feminism, regulation and cosmetic surgeryLatham, Melanie J.
Feb-2014 Suicides show how justice system fails rape victimsCook, Kate
Jun-2004 TransPanthers: the greying of transgender and the lawWhittle, Stephen T.; Witten, Tarynn M.
2010 The web content accessibility guidelines 2.0: an analysis of industry self-regulationEaston, Catherine
Showing results 1 to 20 of 20


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