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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2015 Natational dress: functionality and morality among female swimming exhibitors in Victorian Britain.Day, Dave
23-Jan-2015 Functional equivalence or behavioural matching? A critical reflection on 15 years of research using the PETTLEP model of motor imageryWakefield, Caroline; Smith, Dave; Moran, Aidan Patrick; Holmes, Paul
12-Jan-2015 A randomized trial to consider the effect of Romanian deadlift exercise on the development of lumbar extension strengthFisher, James; Bruce-Low, Stewart; Smith, Dave
12-Jan-2015 A Randomized controlled trial of limited range of motion lumbar extension exercise in chronic low back painSteele, James; Bruce-Low, Stewart; Smith, Dave; Jessop, David; Osborne, Neil
Jan-2015 Embracing the games? Leverage and legacy of London 2012 Olympics at the sub-regional level by means of strategic partnershipsBell, Barbara; Gallimore, Kevin
Jun-2014 Variability and distribution of muscle strength and its determinants in humansStebbings, Georgina K.; Morse, Christopher I.; Williams, Alun G.; Day, Stephen H.
Apr-2014 The human patellar tendon moment arm assessed in vivo using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometryErskine, Robert M.; Morse, Christopher I.; Day, Stephen H.; Williams, Alun G.; Onambele-Pearson, Gladys L.
2014 Muscle size, activation, and coactivation in adults with cerebral palsyHussain, Ayser W.; Onambele, Gladys L.; Williams, Alun G.; Morse, Christopher I.
2014 The emergence of an association football culture in Manchester 1840–1884James, Gary; Day, Dave
2014 PedestrianismDay, Dave
2014 From Oldham baths to American Vaudeville and beyond: the Finney familyDay, Dave
2014 Jerry Jim's training stable in early Victorian PrestonDay, Dave
2014 The 'English athlete is born not made': coaching, amateurism, and training in Britain 1912-1914.Day, Dave
2014 Muscular adaptations and insulin-like growth factor-1 responses to resistance training are stretch-mediatedMcMahon, Gerard; Morse, Christopher I; Burden, Adrian; Winwood, Keith; Onambélé, Gladys Leopoldine
Sep-2013 The 'mysterious “training tables”': British antipathy to an American coaching traditionDay, Dave
Sep-2013 Six-week combined vibration and wobble board training on balance and stability in footballers with functional ankle instabilityCloak, Ross; Nevill, Alan; Day, Stephen; Wyon, Matthew
Sep-2013 The Manchester milers 1850-1870Oldfield, Samantha-Jayne
Jun-2013 Victorian coaching communities: exemplars of traditional practiceDay, Dave
2013 How deep should you squat to maximise a holistic training response? Electromyographic, energetic, cardiovascular, hypertrophic and mechanical evidence.Onambele-Pearson, Gladys; McMahon, Gerard; Morse, Christopher I.; Burden, Adrian; Winwood, Keith L.
2013 Resting arterial diameter and blood flow changes with resistance training and detraining in healthy young individualsStebbings, Georgina K.; Morse, Christopher I.; McMahon, Gerard E.; Onambele, Gladys L.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 616


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