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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014 Delineating professional and amateur athletic bodies in Victorian EnglandDay, Dave; Oldfield, Samantha-Jayne
Sep-2014 ‘The committee is not in favour of professional coaches’: preparing for Paris in 1924.Day, Dave
Mar-2014 Professor George Poulton: natationist and entrepreneurDay, Dave
Jan-2014 Impact of range of motion during ecologically valid resistance training protocols on muscle size, subcutaneous fat, and strengthMcMahon, Gerard E.; Morse, Christopher I.; Burden, Adrian; Winwood, Keith; Onambélé, Gladys L.
2014 FA Cup success, football infrastructure and the establishment of Manchester’s footballing identityJames, Gary; Day, Dave
Jan-2013 From 1860s Lambeth to Niagara in the 1900s: imitation and innovation amongst female natationists.Day, Dave
2013 Sport and leisure historiesDay, Dave (ed.)
Sep-2012 Three myths about applied consultancy workMcCarthy, Paul; Wilson, Mark; Keegan, Richard; Smith, Dave
Sep-2012 Diet and exercise for frail obese older adultsOnambele-Pearson, Gladys
Apr-2012 Do PTK2 gene polymorphisms contribute to the interindividual variability in muscle strength and the response to resistance training? A preliminary report.Erskine, Robert M.; Williams, Alun G.; Jones, David A.; Stewart, Claire E.; Degens, Hans
Apr-2012 One lumbar extension training session per week is sufficient for strength gains and reductions in pain in patients with chronic low back pain ergonomics.Bruce-Low, Stewart; Smith, Dave; Burnet, Scott; Fisher, James; Bissell, Gary; Webster, Leonie
2012 The relationship between corticospinal excitability during motor imagery and motor imagery ability.Williams, Jacqueline; Pearce, Alan J.; Loporto, Michela; Morris, Tony; Holmes, Paul S.
2012 Identity theft: Cora and Clara “Beckwith” and the invention of a natational lineageDay, Dave
2012 Variation in the uncoupling protein 2 and 3 genes and human performance.Dhamrait, Sukhbir S.; Williams, Alun G.; Day, Stephen H.; Skipworth, James; Payne, John R.; World, Michael; Humphries, Steve E.; Montgomery, Hugh E.
2012 Preliminary evidence for reduced cortical activity in experienced guitarists during performance preparation for simple scale playingWright, David J.; Holmes, Paul S.; Blain, Martin; Smith, Dave
2012 Prior action execution has no effect on corticospinal facilitation during action observationLoporto, Michela; McAllister, Craig J.; Edwards, Martin G.; Wright, David J.; Holmes, Paul S.
2012 Transcranial magnetic stimulation reveals modulation of corticospinal excitability when observing actions with the intention to imitate.Hardwick, Robert M.; McAllister, Craig J.; Holmes, Paul S.; Edwards, Martin G.
2012 Can a standard dose of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) supplementation reduce the symptoms of delayed onset of muscle soreness?Houghton, David; Onambele-Pearson, Gladys
2012 Short-term effect of superficial heat treatment on paraspinal muscle activity, stature recovery, and psychological factors in patients with chronic low back painLewis, Sandra E.; Holmes, Paul S.; Woby, Steve R.; Hindle, Jackie; Fowler, Neil E.
2012 Defensive coping styles, anxiety and chronic low back painLewis, Sandra E.; Fowler, Neil E.; Woby, Steve R.; Holmes, Paul S.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 435


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