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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2005 A 4-week wobble board exercise programme improved muscle onset latency and perceived stability in individuals with a functionally unstable ankleClark, Victoria M.; Burden, Adrian
10-Feb-2000 The ACE gene and muscle performanceWilliams, Alun G.; Rayson, Mark P.; Jubb, Mick; World, Michael; Woods, David R.; Hayward, Marianne; Martin, Jason; Humphries, Steven E.; Montgomery, Hugh E.
2011 ACE, ACTN3 and PTK2 genotype associations with human skeletal muscle phenotypes and the responses to resistance trainingErskine, Robert M.; Jones, David A.; Williams, Alun G.; Stewart, Claire E.; Degens, Hans
Oct-2001 Activity analysis of English premiership rugby football union refereeingMartin, Jason; Smith, Nickolas C.; Tolfrey, Keith; Jones, Andrew M.
2005 Acute changes in knee-extensors torque, fiber pennation, and tendon characteristics.Pearson, Stephen J.; Onambélé-Pearson, Gladys
Dec-2009 The acute effect of different warm-up protocols on anaerobic performance in elite youth soccer players.Needham, Robert A.; Morse, Christopher I.; Degens, Hans
1-Jan-2008 The acute effect of stretching on the passive stiffness of the human gastrocnemius muscle tendon unitMorse, Christopher I.; Degens, Hans; Seynnes, Olivier Roger; Maganaris, Constantinos N.; Jones, David A.
Aug-2004 The acute effects of exercise and glucose ingestion on circulating angiotensin-converting enzyme in humansDay, Stephen H.; Williams, Caroline; Folland, Jonathan P.; Gohlke, Peter; Williams, Alun G.
2007 The adaptations to strength training : morphological and neurological contributions to increased strengthFolland, Jonathan P.; Williams, Alun G.
Jul-2004 Adjustment to chronic low back pain - the relative influence of fear-avoidance beliefs, catastrophizing, and appraisals of controlRoach, Neil K.; Woby, Steve R.; Watson, Paul J.; Urmston, Martin
Dec-2009 Age-dependency in bone mass and geometry: a pQCT study on male and female master sprinters, middle and long distance runners, race-walkers and sedentary peopleWilks, Désirée C.; Winwood, Keith L.; Gilliver, S. F.; Kwiet, Ariane J.; Sun, L. W.; Gutwasser, C.; Ferretti, José L.; Sargeant, Anthony J.; Felsenberg, Dieter; Rittweger, Jörn
Apr-2008 Allometric scaling of strength measurements to body sizeFolland, Jonathan P.; McCauley, Tracey M.; Williams, Alun G.
1995 Anabolic steroids in education - the role of the physical education professionalChristmas, D. F.; Holmes, Paul S.; Nutt, G. B.; Woodward, D. M.
2012 Analysing coach–athlete ‘talk in interaction’ within the delivery of video-based performance feedback in elite youth soccerGroom, Ryan; Cushion, Christopher J.; Nelson, Lee J.
Jul-2003 Analysis of creep strain during tensile fatigue of cortical boneCotton, John R.; Zioupos, Peter; Winwood, Keith L.; Taylor, Mark
2008 Analysis of Irish race performances at the 2007 European Junior Swimming ChampionshipsOsborough, Conor D.
May-2001 Angiotensin-I converting enzyme genotype-dependent benefit from hormone replacement therapy in isometric muscle strength and bone mineral density.Woods, David R.; Onambélé-Pearson, Gladys; Woledge, Roger; Skelton, Dawn; Bruce, Stuart; Humphries, Steven E.; Montgomery, Hugh E.
Sep-2002 Anxiety and ambiguity: it's all open to interpretationSmith, Nickolas C.; Collins, David J.; Eubank, Martin
Jun-2004 Anxiety symptom interpretation and performance predictions in high-anxious, low-anxious and repressor sport performersJones, Kelly A.; Smith, Nickolas C.; Holmes, Paul S.
Jun-2011 Anxiety, movement kinematics, and visual attention in elite-level performers.Causer, Joe; Holmes, Paul S.; Smith, Nickolas C.; Williams, A. Mark
Showing results 1 to 20 of 435


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