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Title: QLF is not readily suitable for in vivo denture plaque assessment.
Authors: Coulthwaite, Lisa
Pretty, Iain A.
Smith, Philip W.
Higham, Susan M.
Verran, Joanna
Citation: Journal of dentistry, 2009, vol. 37, no. 11, pp. 898-901
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Issue Date: Nov-2009
DOI: 10.1016/j.jdent.2009.07.002
PubMed ID: 19665277
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Abstract: OBJECTIVES: Current methods available for denture plaque assessment utilise visual and planimetric techniques. This paper evaluates the use of the Quantitative Light-induced Fluorescence system (QLF) in image capture of denture plaque and the suitability of these images for planimetric plaque measurement. It is proposed that fluorescence imaging could provide a valuable and sensitive standardising method for plaque assessment in clinical trials for denture cleansing products and denture hygiene. Indeed, the detection of red fluorescent plaque using the QLF system is indicative of black-pigmented obligate anaerobes and mature plaque. METHODS: The QLF system was evaluated in a clinical study for use in denture plaque assessment in comparison to white light based image capture. RESULTS: Despite appearing as a promising system for denture plaque quantification, this study revealed numerous problems associated with the QLF system including small focal depth, thus large numbers of images and processing time were required. In addition, differential fluorescence of acrylic made images unsuitable for plaque quantification. CONCLUSION: QLF is unsuitable for in vivo denture plaque assessment. However, the visualisation of red autofluorescence, indicating mature plaque, remains an important clinical use of QLF for denture hygiene assessment.
Type: Article
Language: en
Description: Full-text of this article is not available in this e-prints service. This article was originally published following peer-review in Journal of Dentistry, published by and copyright Elsevier.
Keywords: Denture plaque
Clinical study
Planimetric assessment
Image analysis
ISSN: 0300-5712
EISSN: 1879-176X
Appears in Collections: Department of Biological Sciences
Centre for Materials Science Research: Surface Coating and Characterisation Research Group
Department of Biological Sciences Research: Microbiology
Material Science

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